Chat Thing

Make AI chatbots in minutes

Published on: April 30, 2024 | Location: United Kingdom | Tags: AI Chatbot
Chat Thing equips you with the capability to create AI-driven assistants and bots tailored to your specific business in minutes. Save your company hours by deploying bots that manage customer support, generate leads, perform research, and more.

- Integrating knowledge bases: Seamlessly integrate data from your websites, Notion, various files, YouTube, and other platforms.
- Multi-platform bot deployment: Design a bot once and deploy it across multiple channels, including your website, Slack, Discord, WhatsApp, Telegram, and others.
- Beyond basic Q&A: Our bots are capable of interacting with other services using tools during a chat. Utilise our no-code Power-ups to save leads in a Notion database, dispatch emails, or post to Slack and more.
- Packed with sophisticated tools: Enjoy features like bot analytics, user interaction transcripts (to observe how your users interact with your bot), a variety of AI models, and automatic data source synchronisation.