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Create Engaging Content With Viral Hook Templates

Published on: May 11, 2024 | Location: England, UK | Tags: Techology
We’ve meticulously decoded the strategies of leading influencers and distilled them into customizable templates, ready for you to create content that captivates and skyrockets in popularity.

Enhance Your Posts With Content Psychology

Our prompts take advantage of the 4 types of content that deeply resonate to foster a strong, loyal following.

Create Amazing Content Consistently

The #1 thing that keeps content creators from growing is their inability to consistently create content that grabs people’s attention.

Type Prompt solves that problem.


AI Hook Prompts: Automatically generates social posts that mimic human writing, transforming basic topics into polished content with a single click.

Viral Hook Templates: Generate content with hook prompt templates based on the strategies of top influencers, enabling users to create content that's more likely to captivate audiences and gain popularity.

Diverse Content Templates: Includes templates for various content types, such as Twitter threads, LinkedIn posts, essays, etc., catering to different social media and professional writing needs.

Content Psychology: Modify your output with four types of content strategies (Educate, Entertain, Challenge, Empathize) to create posts that resonate with and engage audiences. is for creators who need to create consistently great content.