Web Analytics, Waitlist management, and Contact Us submission management all in one dashboard, all with just a few lines of front-end code.

Published on: June 8, 2024 | Location: San Francisco, CA, United States | Tags: Analytics
IndieAnalytics is a comprehensive analytics tool that allows users to track their side hustles or startups. The website provides access to raw data collected, giving users the ability to download it whenever they need. Additionally, IndieAnalytics offers feedback-driven development, meaning that user requests for new visualizations or features are personally reviewed and considered, rather than automatically grouped into feedback categories.

The tool is feature-packed with a dashboard and a range of metrics available, including basic metrics such as views and unique views, advanced metrics like engagement time, custom events, scroll depth, UTMs, and referrers, as well as demographics data such as operating system, device, browser, and location. The platform also supports multi-project functionality, allowing users to track multiple projects simultaneously. Finally, IndieAnalytics allows the management of analytics, waitlists, and contact us form responses all on a single dashboard. Overall, IndieAnalytics aims to provide users with a comprehensive and customizable analytics solution tailored to their specific needs.