AI Webcam Effects + Recorder: Google Meet, Zoom, Discord & Other Meetings

The Chrome extension enhances video calls and offers virtual backgrounds, blur, beautification, auto-framing, color correction, lower thirds, emojis and more.

Published on: June 8, 2024 | Location: Halladale beach, Florida, US | Tags: Video communications, Artificial intelligence
The AI Webcam Effects extension for Chrome is a collection of great features that can enhance your video conferencing experience. Designed for clients use video conferencing or recording platforms, the extension provides unique AI-powered effects to enhance video interactions, directly addressing the need for improved virtual communication experiences.
It works with many browser-based communication platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, YouTube, Discord, Vimeo, and allows you to enable a virtual background, blur the background for privacy, or use features such as lower third, color correction, auto crop or emoji and gif in real time for greater interactivity.
The extension works in the Chrome browser, so you can add it to Chrome and use it on any desktop platform.