Cut through the noise with smarter tech assessments

Published on: June 8, 2024 | Location: London, UK | Tags: SaaS, HRTech, People Tech, hiring, Interviewing
Arkiter is a premier interviewing platform optimized for the unique challenges of ongoing technology role fulfillment, fully integrated with your ATS. Our platform delivers a comprehensive suite of technical interviewing tools, from pre-screening to remote live technical interviews and advanced candidate analytics. With assessments covering front end, back end, knowledge questions, and our market-first 'drag & drop' automated system design, Arkiter ensures thorough, precise skill evaluation using an expert-curated question bank and customizable templates. Designed to support high-volume candidate management, Arkiter offers scalable invitation options like CSV uploads and open-link assessment invites to streamline your hiring process. Our vision is to empower technology-driven companies with a sophisticated, data-driven hiring solution that enhances both operational efficiency and candidate engagement. Unique features such as anti-cheat mechanisms, multi-language support, and advanced performance analytics make Arkiter the ultimate choice for modern, technology-driven recruitment needs.