Eightify helps when you are swamped with too much content.

Published on: July 6, 2024 | Location: United Kingdom | Tags: Productivity, Summarizing, Video,
Save hours watching videos - get the key ideas instantly with Eightify's advanced AI summaries.
"For those who use YouTube as a source of information, Eightify is a real game-changer and time-saver, especially when you're not sure if a video is worth watching". — over 100,000 users from 30+ countries use Eightify every day.
Key Benefits:
• Grasp core ideas from any YouTube video in a split second.
• One-click access to TLDR summaries & key points.
• Easily navigate through videos with timestamps.
• Check the top comments to see what others think.
• Share summaries & key points with friends or on social media.
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