F/MS Startup game

Startup game for first time entrepreneurs that takes you from idea to first customer and beyond. Get help from your AI co-founder and build your startup without any risk.

Published on: July 9, 2024 | Location: Netherlands | Tags: edtech
F/MS Startup game is a startup platform designed to empower first-time entrepreneurs through an immersive, game-like experience. It offers a unique blend of learning, networking, and practical application, all within a supportive and female-focused environment.
Key Features:
1. Skill Lab: Enhance your business acumen with micro-modules covering essential startup skills.
2. Virtual Startup Building: Create or join a startup, tackle challenges, and apply your learning in a risk-free setting.
3. Wellness Integration: Balance work and self-care with virtual wellness activities.
4. Marketplace: Buy or sell expert sessions, tutorials, and even avatar accessories.
5. Live Certificate: Showcase your learning journey with a dynamic portfolio.