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RecipeCloud Releases Complete Recipe Management and Meal-Planning Service

Published on: January 18, 2018 | Location: Charleston, SC, United States | Tags: Food and Drink, Tech, Lifestyle
RecipeCloud is the premiere recipe organization and management app for home cooks and professional chefs. Use it to discover, store, share, organize, meal plan, and grocery shop with your favorite recipes. Available on iOS and now for the web.
Over the past few years, thousands of home cooks and professional chefs have discovered RecipeCloud, the social cookbook app that makes it simple to discover, store, organize, and socially share your favorite recipes. Now, RecipeCloud is significantly expanding its offerings with the release of a complementary web app featuring robust new capabilities that allow users to do all of their recipe management, meal planning, and grocery planning in one centralized, cloud-based location—accessible from anywhere, on any device.