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Weetjij is a one-stop content portal provide you the one stop solution for all your curiosities and impregnable store of knowledge and this platform brings you a take on various categories in accordance with your preference. We offers talented expert/aspiring writers to show their worth by their play of words. you can also sharing your write-ups on this platform. All you have to do is sign up and come up with an original and worthy idea with this platform.

Published on: August 6, 2018 | Location: New York, USA | Tags: Content Marketing
Weetjij is one of the latest inclusions in the list of online platforms meant for sharing information and knowledge. Any good writer can express themselves, and share what they know or have learnt about anything they feel is important and worth sharing. With over 30 categories to choose from and write, writers can basically talk about a vast, diverse number of topics that they like or prefer. One can write about Human Rights, Finance or Business, Food and Nutrition, the LGBTQ community, Politics and News, among other important categories that they feel strongly about. Most of the articles people write and get published on Weetjij are written keeping the average reader in mind, and therefore, they are quite well – written and informative.