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Published on: October 9, 2018 | Location: Bangalore | Tags: Software
Kapture’s cloud-CRM platform provides end-to-end business automation for growing businesses. Kapture CRM can automate the different aspects of the business such as sales, customer service, and operations. This allows you to automate and streamline different aspects of the business. By this means, you can create business processes that eliminate or improves on the less efficient processes.
Within Kapture’s cloud infrastructure, you can also access device-agnostic mobility for both IOS and Android ecosystem. By enabling your entire team to operate within a CRM cloud ecosystem, you can easily accelerate and streamline your end-to-end business operations. This allows you to handle your business activities from anywhere, anytime...

Kapture CRM’s user-friendly features include cloud-enabled ticketing and lead dashboards, cloud database system, a lead management platform, GPS-enabled sales tracker and marketing automation platform. By combining these features within a single platform, Kapture CRM enables you to be more productive and effective in less time.

Kapture CRM’s custom modules for each industry allows you to adapt to the specific workflow challenges of each vertical. This includes airlines, cruiselines, travels, FMCG etc..By having these seperate modules, you can achieve the optimal performance metrics for each industry. This system allows you to streamline work activities and achieve higher efficiency for the particular industry vertical.

At present, Kapture CRM is working with over 500+ businesses across different industry verticals. By having specifically customized modules, Kapture CRM meets the particular requirements of industries such as Travels, Cruise management, FMCG, retail, Healthcare etc.

Kapture CRM is founded by the trio Sheshgiri Kamath, Vikas Garg, Pearl Tewari. Afer being founded in 2014, Kapture CRM has found major clients across the globe. Kapture CRM was also selected for the prestigious Google launchpad award in 2016.