Relieve stress, relax, improve focus, ease anxiety and explore meditation with Toucheys

Published on: November 23, 2018 | Location: London, UK | Tags: Gadgets, Meditation, Mindfulness
Relieve daily stress, relax, and improve your focus with the Toucheys Multi-Textured Tactile Collection. The reason Toucheys work is that while being identical in size, they feature four contrasting textures and weights. As a result, each feels totally unique in your hand. Metal is the heaviest with a slightly bumpy yet smooth surface. Wood is semi-polished to be warm and light. Hardened clay offers a sandy-stone feel and, finally, glass is perfectly polished. Simply rotate two of them to feel the textures change under your fingers for six different combinations of Texture Flow. Syncing the Texture Flow to your breath, counting the turns, and feeling the subtle differences in textures helps you to slow down, relax, and concentrate. There are proven health benefits as well. Toucheys provide arm and shoulder muscle relaxation after long hours behind the computer. Toucheys are small enough to take anywhere including your commute, work, trip, or important meeting.