Pixylz is an amalgamation of pictures, stories and creative designs.

Published on: December 2, 2018 | Location: Gurgaon, India | Tags: E-commerce
Pixylz is an amalgamation of pictures, stories and creative designs. The user friendly and intuitive interface of the app helps the audience create personalized products, celebrate moments and cherish memories in just a few taps and swipes. Pixylz offers a wide range of products for people to choose from and use them to decorate the spaces around and relive the moments with friends and family.

Pixylz is also a platform for all the budding designers to monetize their creativity without going through the hassles of operations. Our platform for Designers is conceptualized in two ways-

Pixylz Personalized store:
Designers have an opportunity to create their own brand and showcase it with a personal profile page on Pixylz App and Website. By creating theme based designs for the Pixylz products that interest them, designers can sell products with personalized creations to a large audience. And, they earn every time a product designed by them is sold.

Merchandise store of designers:
Designers can start their own designer shop from the comfort of home by developing designs the way they want, for the products they want along with the freedom to choose the price of all their creations. Pixylz gives them a platform to showcase their creativity and saves them from all the hassles of productions and operation with no bulk orders or minimum order commitment.