A simple inventory management app for small businesses and labs provided as SaaS.

Published on: December 3, 2018 | Location: Tokyo, Japan | Tags: SaaS
Tana is designed specifically for small to a mid-sized team to manage inventories with ease.
Covering 11 barcode types, you could scan almost all the popular barcode format that is printed on items such as consumer goods, books, UPS, envelopes. Tana also has a built-in QR Code, therefore you could always print the QR Code over-the-air and paste on the items you want to keep track of.

Tana started its story from a university chemistry lab, where 1 team of 50 students located on 3 separate rooms.
Thousands of chemicals and tons of equipment were consumed every day and night, some chemicals took more than a week to get delivered from suppliers, which was a huge pain for managers to get inventories under control. Excel and Google Spreadsheet wasn't enough for such a case.

So we created an inventory management app that is simple and mobile-ready so that every lab members could start using it from day one.