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Published on: January 3, 2019 | Location: Lagos, Nigeria | Tags: Ecommerce, Marketplace, Freelance
Having to hire individuals to fill redundant positions is gradually becoming a responsibility new businesses and lean entrepreneurs are getting tired of. The whole notion of hiring permanent staff with a limited skill level for a job and having to pay them monthly even when they only offer very little is beginning to dawn as what it really is – a fraud, to say the least. Now, entrepreneurs and small business owners are seeking alternative means of getting work done without having to employ permanent staff.
Freelancing is growing with spontaneity and direction as more and more professionals are putting their marketable skills out there to earn money from working on short-term tasks or one-off tasks. For most of these freelancers, using their talent to make money is a full-time job while for others, it is just a side hustle. Whichever it is, the gig economy has really influenced how businesses can manage their resources and still get quality service by outsourcing tasks to freelancers instead of employing people to fill redundant positions in companies still finding their feet.
Why Freelancing is a Better, More Dynamic Way Out
This new way of getting paid for getting work done remotely has come to stay. Freelancing has really influenced the growth and sustenance of several establishments in the world and this is all thanks to the gig economy. Some of the perks of freelancing are;
• You can outsource jobs or tasks that would encumber you with stress to freelancers and focus more attention on creating and managing your business. This means that if you run a food delivery business, you can outsource the management of your social media platforms to freelancers and focus on making and delivering the food. This way, you don’t have to deal with unproductive staff as you can cut off any freelancer at any point.
• Freelancers are always motivated to work and impress you by delivering excellent jobs in order to stay in your good books for subsequent tasks, and since they have very flexible work hours, it makes them available to work for you any time of the day.
• Freelancers offer the best services at low cost. You can hire experts as freelancers to work on long or short-term projects without having to retain them permanently, which could be quite expensive.
TERAWORK Offers a Wonderful Freelancing Option
Freelancers on TERAWORK are carefully selected professionals who are incredibly skilled and motivated to work. Working with freelancers on the TERAWORK platform is a guarantee of excellent service and professional delivery. Also, even better is the fact that they are not out to make a fortune out of you because they understand that effective service delivery means worthy referrals.
Hiring freelancers on TERAWORK saves you the stress of bickering with a staff for lack of organization. TERAWORK freelancers are some of the most dedicated and organized professionals in every industry and the platform is designed to make them work with you without much stress.
Using a TERAWORK freelancer is also very affordable. You can get the services of a professional freelancer without having to break the bank. The system is also very user friendly and highly intuitive, meaning you can easily pick your way around without any prior technical know-how.
Very importantly, there is a responsive, round the clock customer service that responds to every call. So, it doesn’t matter where you work from, you can easily collaborate with the best freelancers from all over the world without constraints. All you need to do is search through the platform, order from your preferred freelancer, collaborate with them on the work, approve the completed task and the payment is released to the freelancer.
Cheers to the New Way, the future of outsourcing, welcome to TERAWORK!