At LearnAur, Education and Entertainment come together.

Published on: May 14, 2019 | Location: Vashi, Maharashtra, India | Tags: Education
We believe that learning happens best when the student is engaged. In that way, they not only learn but also enjoy the process of learning.


People often tend to give it a second thought when they hear about "Life Skills". "It's going to be mad boring" is what they declare.

And that's where innovation from our company 'LearnAur' comes into the picture. We offer people these same ignored but essential life skills through our videos in an interactive and funny way to keep them engaged for as long as we want them to. Because we all know what a vital role these life skills play in our life.

We have e-courses on 12 topics. We have categorized them in the following ways:
1. Productivity: Velocity Reading, Instant Recall, Destroy the Exam Fear, Listen to Learn, A Book a Week.
2. Communication Skills: Listen to Understand, Cracking Interviews, Conference Calls that get things done.
3. Leadership: Leadership Lessons from Indian Epics.
4. marketing: Becoming a WhatsApp Influencer.
5. Lessons from Movies: Success Lessons from "The Pursuit of Happyness".
6. Parenting: Better Parenting via Stories (Hindi)

Besides this, we are also running a Microlearning initiative where we create videos under ten minutes in fun and engaging way (completion rate is the biggest pain point in the e-learning industry as the videos are not engaging enough). So here, we produce videos mainly based on life skills like reading, building a new habit, productive at work, etc. We call this 'Edutainment', the synergy of education & entertainment.

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