Gofindo Inc

Gofindo - Retail Digital Customer Engagement Solution Provider

Published on: July 11, 2019 | Location: Canada | Tags: Retail
Gofindo helps small businesses build rewarding and long-lasting relationships through the use of an innovative mobile app that's easy to use & highly customizable. It’s a rich mobile customer engagement and marketing features allow business owners to acquire new customers, engage the existing, and retain loyal consumers.

We believe that’s the Gofindo secret recipe for increasing foot traffic and driving revenues for your business.

Gofindo benefits:

Provides a platform to engage your customers seamlessly across different channels such as social media, email, mobile app & SMS.
Automatically collect customers data & convert into actionable insights to enhance your marketing & sales efforts.
Enables mobile payment for order & pickup services.
Spend your marketing dollars more wisely leveraging your own customer base using our automated email & in-app push notifications features.
You can build your own mobile app or use our community-based Gofindo app or use both!!
Dashboard and analysis of collected purchase and marketing data provide insight and opportunity for a retailer to increase their store’s revenue potential.