MocDoc HMS

One Stop Digital Healthcare Solution

Published on: July 11, 2019 | Location: Chennai, India | Tags: Healthcare
MocDoc HMS is a best-in-class, complete, and fully integrated hospital management solution which assists hospitals, clinics, and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry in driving digitization. It is a paperless platform that allows users to handle their operations, processes, and needs in a cloud-based environment. MocDoc HMS comes with modern and innovative features which include managing inpatients and outpatients, tackling the challenges in operating rooms or therapy rooms, implementing pharmacy and laboratory management, and accessing hospital/clinical operations data from anywhere using a mobile application.

MocDoc HMS’ out-patient management features provide the capability to view appointment schedules in different ways, produce digital case sheets and automatically populate them with data, send prescriptions to patients through text messaging and manage outpatient billing. The hospital management solution helps users get rid of paper-based inpatient management processes. It has a user-friendly interface where they can perform bed management tasks visually and automatically. MocDoc HMS also allows the quick creation of invoices that need to be sent out to insurance providers and the generation of discharge summaries using templates.

The solution also offers the ability to implement paperless operation theatre or therapy room management processes and procedures. Users can send out automated notifications to surgeons, anesthetists, therapists, and other physicians to remind them of their schedules or deliver important information about lab results. Meanwhile, MocDoc HMS’ pharmacy management features to aid them in making a difference when it comes to how they monitor and manage their stocks, compare the actual orders they received against purchase orders and control their expenditures. Last but not least, the hospital management solution provides laboratory management capabilities such as integration with existing lab machines, creation of configurable lab or test reports, and viewing of reports on tests that were referred out.