Make learning part of team workflow

Published on: July 18, 2019 | Location: Tverskaya Street, Moscow, Russia | Tags: Software
Vectorly is talent management, learning and knowledge base software.

You can create organization and add skillboards for all roles in your team (from front-end engineer to CEO).  You add skills grouped in lists. You can add a wiki description to each skill.

After creating skillboards you integrate with your task manager (currently, Trello, Jira) and invite your team members.

Users install GCE to track progress on tasks. You add skill to the task you perform and when it's done – progress tracked.

You can open the dashboard for each team member to find skill gaps and understand performance on each skill and make smarter promotions, help your team grow faster and more organized.

Some future release announcements: 

We plan to integrate all places, where users work: git systems, office apps, to-dos. (Gitlab, Github, Bitbucket under development)
We plan to track learning activity: reading articles, videos, course and automatically tag it with skills.