ELAVAIT is the intelligence personal trainer, a physiotherapist on your phone.

Published on: September 26, 2019 | Location: Singapore | Tags: Health Tech
ELAVAIT combines the knowledge of leading experts in the fields of sports science, artificial intelligence, nutrition and sleep. Each of the team members of ELAVAIT is an expert in their fields of medicine and rehabilitation, artificial intelligence, smart applications, business, local market expertise and network.

According to users’ workout habits and injury histories, ELAVAIT excludes potentially harmful exercises for users from out of over 700 available exercises.

ELAVAIT’s users monitor their workout performance through heart rate. The measurements will be taken by way of a sports watch and the accelerometer, GPS and heart rate data from the device. During the workout, we will constantly analyse the gathered data and define the personal fitness plan for our athletes.

Our mission is to bring affordable, highly effective and personalized health plans which include fitness training and recovery recommendations to everyone who has a smartphone. We want to democratize the excellent education and unique experience of our advisors and founders, so everyone can benefit from the knowledge and experience of highly-trained specialists. Instead of spending a ton of money and time on looking for a qualified personal trainer and recovery specialist, ELAVAIT provides the all-in-one solution. We want to enable everyone to work out anywhere they can, anytime they want at an affordable price.