Helping people find the missing in their lives

Published on: March 20, 2020 | Location: Cincinnati, Ohio USA | Tags: E-Com Missing Person
Business model

V Locators’ have one objective and that is to help people find the missing and wanted in their lives. We’ve created a new marketing method that gives the whole story and allows us to create individual Emotional Search Patterns. Our proprietary marketing process uses current digital tools and conventional marketing methods that allow us to target better, faster, stronger which equals real and personal results.

• The cost to the user is ZERO because the cost for the development of the videos, writing, or paid marketing done by V LOCATORS is covered by the sponsors. Sponsor obtains three birds with one stone, PR, Community service and marketing. As the numbers of viewers grow, so will the sponsor's viewership to a healthy ROI.

The focus of this company is on those that are missing or wanted in people’s lives.
 The company is using an unconventional and proprietary marketing method that opens the emotional door.
 It's a combination of analytics, SEO, Keyword and Social Media. Then an actual emotional search pattern is developed or created and we’re the only ones that have it.
 Then tagged on actual emotional search pattern is developed.
 Other packages will be offered that include DNA, Facial Recognition, Aging,
 This allows it to capitalize on the characteristics of emotional search patterns.
 Remember 90% of decisions we make use the emotional part of our brain
• Revenue is obtained from Sponsor and each selection is $2,500 per missing person per year
• Production and service cost equal 25%, give us a margin of 70*-75%