Chat. Calendar. To-dos. Files: The ultimate app for remote teams.

Published on: April 26, 2020 | Location: Bordeaux | Tags: Communications, productivity
Chats. Calendar. To-Dos. Files.It's all here, and all Done✔

No need to switch between a gazillion apps just to get through your workday. With Done, all you need is in one place. It's available anywhere and from any device.

• CHATS: Communicate with your team easily and immediately, no more missed emails. Let the collaboration begin!
• CALENDAR: Know your team’s availability at a glance, with easy calendar integrations. Bye to schedule conflicts! :D
• TO-DOs: Assign tasks to your colleagues - or maybe even just to yourself. Stay on top of every project, effortlessly.
• FILES: All your files, ready to rock. Share with whoever you want, from wherever and whenever you want, on any device.

We’ve built Done to make your work-life simpler wherever you are, make your workflows just flow and make you feel good about what you do, every day.

Whether you're a freelancer, designer, CEO, executive or whatever your role is, we made this app for YOU: So you can achieve great things and work seamlessly everywhere.