The Startup Idea Validator Tool

Validate your startup idea quickly, easily and for free

Published on: May 11, 2020 | Location: Kolkata, India | Tags: Consulting
Name: Startup Idea Validator Tool

One-line Pitch: A free online self-assessment tool that analyzes and validates startup ideas.

Description: The Startup Idea Validator tool is a self-assessment tool based on the Startup Idea Validation Framework allows individuals to analytically validate their idea through an intuitive questionnaire. Idea Validator analyze ideas based on these six pointers: 

a. Potential of the idea

b. One’s assessment as an entrepreneur 

c. Current market situation according to the idea 

d. Current financial condition of the idea 

e. Resources present at hand. 

f. Risks analysis.  


i. Offers quick and easy validation for startup idea

ii. Scores Idea across focus areas

iii. Shows strengths and weaknesses of the ides

iv. Recommends actionable points to improve the idea and steps forward

Price: Free


1. Startups

2. Entrepreneurs

3. Startup Enthusiasts