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Published on: May 21, 2020 | Location: USA | Tags: Media
Want to read the latest articles from your industry?
Want to get notified when an expert publishes a new article?

Read articles on topics like product-management, SEO, leadership, investing, advertising, programming, personal growth, and many more.

Pipfeed is the reading app for CEOs, programmers, writers, advertisers, data scientists, managers, and more.

Get recommendations based on what other professionals are reading in your industry.

Pipfeed's A.I. learns from what you are reading and will show articles based on your reading history.

Features that make Pipfeed really good for professionals:
- Top articles from industry leaders on topics like SEO, startups, funding, product-management, programming etc.
- Save any URL/article to Pipfeed.
- Read saved articles in reader mode with no ads, no popups & no distractions.
- Auto categorizes/organize saved articles using A.I.
- Listen to saved articles. Like a playlist of articles.
- Read/listen to articles offline
- Generate a daily recommendation based on reading history + interests + blogs followed
- Create a personalized podcast based on articles recommended by the A.I. engine.