Find, Test, Hire developers and track their recruitment lifecycle from assessment to hire

Published on: June 19, 2020 | Location: Lagos, Nigeria | Tags: Recruiting
Goodtalent was built for both the individual developer/engineer to practice coding, build their profile and showcase their work while companies and other recruitment agencies can source, assess and hire tech talent. While using the platform, companies and agencies can conduct an online test to vet developer’s expertise, schedule an interview, and present a job offer, all within the platform.

While still an early stage start-up, Goodtalent aims to help companies build world class engineering teams. The company intends to do this in three simple ways:

Developer Access: For individual developers to practice Coding Tests to help improve their skills.
Platform for Companies: An Applicant Tracking System that helps companies track Tech talent from Sourcing, Assessment, Interview to Hire without leaving the Platform
Hire: Goodtalent helps find, test and recruit developers and engineers for companies. Whether remote, permanent, project based or contract.