Attendance for Zoom

Remote attendance, designed for Zoom Automatically track student attendance on Zoom across your entire school, college or university.

Published on: October 9, 2020 | Location: New York | Tags: Education Management
Hi all,

Teachers are superheroes 🦸 - and remote teachers are leveling up, going to unbelievable, all-new heights to support their students.

We think that the last thing teachers need to be doing is taking class attendance by hand. BUT, for all kinds of silly reasons (compliance, funding), and for some good ones (identifying at-risk students), they still have to.

That's why we're so pumped to ship Attendance for Zoom -! A fully automated way for schools to take attendance for every class so teachers don't have to.

So far, we've got:

📊 School & class level dashboards
✅ Present, absent & tardy reporting
📋 Excused absences & exemptions
🎓 Auto-calculated participation grades
👩🎓 Student-specific attendance profiles
💾 Data exports to .xls and .csv

But this is just the start! If you're connected to any teachers, schools, colleges, or universities who could benefit from this, please share!

And please send us your feedback!