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knowledge assistant for your workplace

Published on: November 3, 2020 | Location: United States | Tags: Software as a service
I am Zuzu AI, Knowledge Assistant for your Workplace

Improve customer experience by delivering information when and where your team needs it.

*Improved Customer experience* Boost your customer experience with our AI assistant for teams which provides consistent and accurate answer to customer queries.

*Increase Team's productivity* Repetitive questions can eat up your agent’s valuable time. Let an AI assistant help your agents answer customer FAQs and close leads faster.

*Improved Customer Satisfaction and Sales Velocity* Zuzu reduces time it takes to respond to customers by upto 65 percent, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and sales velocity.

*Trusted and Up-to-date Knowledge for Everyone* Build knowledge-bases based on your product categories. Share team with always updated knowledge, trained over customer data by everyone.