A peer-to-peer mobile payments solution.

Published on: January 11, 2021 | Location: New Jersey, United States | Tags: Fintech industry, international remittance market
Orokii is a peer-to-peer mobile payments solution, enabling users to transfer money domestically and internationally. Orokii has an extensive reach in Africa and Latin America covering thirteen and four countries respectively, while continuously expanding to other regions across the globe. Our main focus is on addressing our users’ need for financial inclusion in global communities by securely and safely using innovative technology. This application will be a low-cost payment solution while simultaneously adopting advanced data protection and privacy standards. International communities will be a tremendous target to incentivize on global remittances and provide basic needs for all.
Our goal is to unlock greater financial inclusion by reducing the costs for payments and providing better access to capital domestically and internationally.

Orokii is a fintech startup in the process of developing a peer-to-peer mobile payments solution that will released to the public in April of 2021. Between now and April, we are focusing on beta testing efforts and introducing our product to financial and international communities across the country that are a huge part of the global remittance market. Orokii is thrilled to offer you the opportunity to be one of the first people to see and give feedback on our brand new, peer-to-peer mobile payment app. Your feedback will be valuable and provide us tremendous insight to how we can improve the digital remittance industry.

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