Ruttl allows you to comment on live website and make real time edits

Published on: February 15, 2021 | Location: India | Tags: Saas
Ruttl is a feedback tool for live websites. Just like Invision which is a feedback tool for static websites, Ruttl allows you to review live links or stagging links.
Current Problem: Currently In order to review developed websites, people take screenshots and encircles the issues, and share a word doc with the developer or they just sit with the developers and ask them to make the changes.But this process is very tedious and time taking, On an average, a single page takes around 3-4 hours to review and still, the final output is just close to perfection.
That’s why we created ruttl. Ruttl allows you to leave comments on live website and make real time edits so you can give precise, contextual feedback to your team.