Ivy Podcast Discovery

Follow guests, topics, tags and podcasts

Published on: February 27, 2021 | Location: Austin, Texas, USA | Tags: Podcasting/Entertainment
Ivy is a podcast discovery service that allows listeners to follow podcasts, guests, hosts, and topics. Ivy has over 750,000 podcasts, 1 million tags, 30 million episodes, and 160 million relationships between episodes and tags. Ivy was born out of a frustration with traditional podcast platforms. After listening to guests on our favorite podcasts, we wanted a way to discover other podcasts those guests were on. With Ivy, you can follow that guest or the topic of conversation and get alerted to new podcasts with that guest or topic in the future. Ivy can also recommend similar topics, allowing you to surface and discover even more podcast content!

There is an incredibly rich graph of interconnected people and topics surrounding podcasts. Ivy is on a mission to connect the dots between podcasts and understand the concepts discussed in each podcast. We want to improve your listening experience and help you unearth even more great podcast content.