PEP UP SALES helps tracking the sales activities of the salesperson on the field on a real-time basis.

Published on: April 2, 2021 | Location: India | Tags: Retail, FMCG
Mobile Sales Force Automation is the advanced technology widely used to frame sound sales strategies. The software helps in bringing better coordination at different levels of the sales department. The software with its advanced features helps in channelizing sales activities and improves the level of customer satisfaction. The app when gets integrated with customer relationship software helps in carrying smooth overall business activities. The app is available in market customized forms; thus, different specific needs of companies operating varied industries can be met.

The software works with of GPRS system and tracks the sales activities at various geographical on real-time basis by forming a cloud. The software is very efficient at collecting and storing different information about parties and sales personals involved in sales. With the help of SFA management of companies can easily distinguish the different parties like distributors, whole-sellers, and retailers according to their area and level of inventory delivered to them.