Cresuma is a Fast, Easy and Effective online resume builder that help land you jobs

Published on: April 4, 2021 | Location: Sri Lanka | Tags: Job Search
Cresuma helps you to create your resume with different formats in a fast and perfect way. All you need to do is, head over to, choose template that best fits your industry or job jour are going to apply for, insert words, modify and download. The design will automatically be prepared as you enter the wording. It's Easy, Fast, and Effective. Further, Cresuma on its site discusses the new trends, resume tricks, and tips you can exercise to see that job lands you. Furthermore, Cresuma plans to add an online ATS friendly analyzer tool, CV writing service, and CV review services and finally add a job search platform with a company supportive CV picking system to which the applicants' CVs would be connected at their consent.