First Line of Patient care

Published on: April 5, 2021 | Location: United Stated | Tags: Healthcare
Created by PrognoCIS, CareTime MD is a telemedicine app for doctors that is suitable for several medical practices, regardless of their specialty, size, or requirements. This telehealth solution is easy to install and use, helping the patient and the doctors accommodate it as fast as possible. CareTime MD is a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution that makes it safe for medical records and patient-provider communication.

This telehealth software integrates with all EHR products on the market, which makes it great for providers who already use an EHR platform. CareTime MD has no hidden fees and is not the advocate of long contracts. In addition to its great ability to adapt, it also offers services that will make the doctor’s job easier: RX, RX, EPCS, progress notes, unlimited encounters, letters, etc.

Doctors who have already chosen CareTime MD as their reliable Telemedicine platform consider it to be helpful not only for younger patients but also for the elders, who are not great with technology. Nowadays, people tend to forget about our seniors and create complicated platforms. Unlike those telehealth solutions, CareTime MD has been designed for those most vulnerable in front of transmittable diseases.

The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the evolution of telemedicine due to the danger of exposure. Therefore, people search at clinics that offer telehealth services. Along with other telemedicine solutions, CareTime MD became the first line of patient care, offering a wide range of services for every practice.