Moonshot - social photo challenge game

new social: NO fake news, NO ads, NO trackers. ONLY photo challenges

Published on: May 7, 2021 | Location: Italy | Tags: social network
We love photography, other social networks are full of fake news and everything seems an advertisement. We wanted a social that could inspire you taking great photos and we love videogames so it has rpg mechanics. So original content + challenges was the perfect match for us. 😀

Main points:

- It has only original, sincere content, you can only partecipate to challenges only with instant photography, you can’t choose photos from your camera roll.

- we will never add ads and never use third party trackers, we value your privacy. We will never monetize using users data.

- It’s an RPG, each action in the social network makes you gain exp, from upvotes to comments to posting photos. Your camera is your character, that grows at every new level you achieve with new skills. Each photo and all users of the community are ranked, the main objective is gaining exp until you achieve the final rank: the Moonstar!