We take flexible working mainstream.

Published on: May 7, 2021 | Location: London | Tags: Information technology SaaS
OfficeMixer is a booking and office management application.
Two years ago I was quite happy to accept a new job in a company that offered the best of everything including small details like a fancy building, expensive desks, etc, only to find myself commuting for 1.5 hrs to the 30th floor and no desk.
It's hot-desking they said one did the math, people vs desks.

Fast forward to today. Now the situation has changed. I need to fill an excel sheet or slack HR to monitor the office usage.

Well, for these reasons, and because I feel I am not the only one, I made the OfficeMixer.

This is how it works.

Invite your work buddies.
Check out which days are busy.
Book your spot and meet with the people you want.