Time Tracking

OfficeClip Timesheet application is designed for managing employees and projects in various organizations.

Published on: May 30, 2021 | Location: United States | Tags: Software industry
OfficeClip Timesheet is an ideal solution to monitor employee time and project status, generate reports, integrations, invoicing, tracking vacations and time-offs, and much more.

Our Timesheet application is used by Freelancers, SMBs, Consultants, Govt departments. This software is also for employees who work remotely and want their time to be tracked efficiently.
Our Free Timesheet is available with unlimited users, free upgrades, unlimited file uploads, and can manage multiple projects, create customized reports, track employee time off, and allows to view the timesheet history.

The timesheet application’s customizable reports help analyze the hours spent on a project and its tasks, project status, and employee performance. This analysis will help with project budgets, allocation of resources, and future estimation. It will provide you with all the data that you need to evaluate your team's performance and will take help to take corrective actions towards profitability.