B2B SaaS company developing Digital Asset Management and Media Acceleration solutions.

Published on: May 31, 2021 | Location: Lyon, France | Tags: Saas
Scaleflex provides two solutions in Digital Asset Management and Media Acceleration which are Filerobot and Cloudimage respectively.

Filerobot allows for the simplification of digital assets by storing, managing, collaborating, processing, accelerating, and much more. Have your team save time by having a well-organized gallery of digital assets complete with tagging and metadata for seamless search experiences. In addition, be able to accelerate assets over CDN to make them lightening fast.

Cloudimage lightening and accelerates your website(s) by optimizing the images over our multi-CDN strategy. Be able to make quick essential edits over our image processing tool to save you time going back to Photoshop or image editor tools and be able to automatically compress or convert images into WebP format for even faster speeds.