Social media fitness app for the Gen Z community.

Published on: June 7, 2021 | Location: Melbourne Australia | Tags: Fitness
Steppen is essentially Tiktok meets Spotify for fitness. So it is a platform which allows you to create, complete, share workout content made by your friends, athletes, person trainer and fitness influencers. Imagine a workout is like a playlist and an exercise is a song, you can combine exercises together to make a workout, and then anyone can use anyone's exercises to create a workout perfect for them.

We are here to solve two problems. 1. Young people between 15-24 are lost in the gym, intimidated and unable to achieve their fitness goals 2. Creators of social media content are not being adequately compensated.

Thus Steppen is here to create a social platform designed for workout content and which monetarily rewards creators for posting great quality fitness content for others to use.

The Gen Z community aren't interested in paying for subscriptions, so Steppen is completely free.