Teammate Timer

Teammate Timer is a timer and app that allows users to view the availability of machines at their gyms from miles away.

Published on: June 9, 2021 | Location: Winston-Salem | Tags: Fitness and Technology

What is one thing in life that you will never get back? Time. Have you ever driven to the gym and arrived only to find out that the machine or equipment you planned on using is not available? You either stand around awkwardly, waiting to watch out if anyone else will beat you to it, or you interrupt someone to find out how much longer they will be using it for. That's why I've created the Teammate Timer. Your teammates, which are other gym members, will input the duration they plan on spending on the machine. With the Teammate timer app, you can view any machine's live status at the gym from miles away within seconds. As a result, you can plan when to arrive at the gym and use your time effectively. So, join our team to help your teammates with the teammate timer.