James AI

Our artificial intelligence takes over manual task planning for you!

Published on: August 29, 2021 | Location: Germany | Tags: Services
JAMES AI independently takes over task planning by prioritizing your tasks with its artificial intelligence, sorting them according to special and scientifically tested productivity schemes and creating a ready-made to-do list. In this way, it helps you to be even more productive and additionally to have more time for the really important and also beautiful things in life. It is like a personal butler who is available around the clock as a virtual assistant.

The special thing about it is that JAMES AI creates dynamic to-do lists. This means that they are not fixed, but learn the user's habits, adapt to them, take deadlines into account, and present the task next whose completion makes the most sense now. This increases productivity and saves a lot of time and effort that would otherwise be necessary when scheduling manually. It also relieves you of the decision to work off anything arbitrary as an upcoming to-do and the possibility of procrastinating or postponing undesirable things over and over again.