Airheart is a social platform where travelers can discover and plan trip itineraries, even if they’re only aspirational.

Published on: November 6, 2021 | Location: Austin, Texas, USA | Tags: Travel
Airheart launched during the pandemic to help people navigate complex travel restrictions. In five months, we've helped over half a million travelers around the world organize their trips.

Airheart is preparing to introduce its full-featured platform to the travel space. With Airheart, groups of people can easily discover and share travel plans and itineraries, helping them to craft their perfect trips, even if only aspirational. By using Airheart, travelers can visualize any plan type, and trip details are organized automatically. The platform enables a seamless experience, making designing and redesigning itineraries fun, collaborative, and simple. The company uses vast data sources to add additional details to planned trips, helping travelers avoid planning errors and understand exactly what life will be like on-location.