Scalenut is a next-generation AI-powered content creation platform that enables users to create high-ranking content

Published on: November 9, 2021 | Location: Gurugram, India | Tags: Content Creation
Scalenut is an end-to-end content creating solution that helps marketers and writers scale content research and development. This AI-enabled content creation platform enables you to create top-notch content at the best prices. The Content Intelligence SaaS platform adds value to your content creation process in the following ways:

- The NLP-powered SEO assistant evaluates the most recent search engine trends and provides actionable insights for both long-form and short-form content creation
- The AI-powered text editor aids in the creation and evaluation of long-form content based on real-time inputs and current search trends. This allows you to create high-ranking content with the least amount of effort.
- The AI-powered copywriter assists in the creation of compelling and effective copy for product descriptions, digital ads, social media postings, and website content.
- It's a managed marketplace that connects you with the top 2% of content providers on the planet. This platform provides high-quality service at the most competitive costs.