Outfluence App

Outfluence simplifies calendar, tasks/to-dos and much more, all in one place.

Published on: November 16, 2021 | Location: Gurgaon, India | Tags: Mobile App
Outfluence is a to-do list, a calendar, task, and reminder app, or the most straightforward and most valuable productivity tool you will ever have.
Key Features of Outfluence:

• Calendar Management - Sync seamlessly in real-time with your phone’s calendar, google calendar, Facebook events, outlook calendar, or any other calendar, so you don’t forget an important event
- Set up meetings and Follow-Ups with a proper plan in place.
- Create action items, and log them in one place, leaving no participant out of context.
- Share your Calendar by making it public or only with specific people.
- Set a plan and create a Checklist or task list.
- Add comments and have pre/post-meeting conversations.

• Task management - We added a calendar integration to keep your plan up-to-date for better task management flow. We added cross-platform support for recurring reminders, location reminders, sub-tasks, notes & file attachments to enhance your productivity.
- Manage and track all following steps, tasks, and to-dos from different meetings in one view.
- Get visibility of your and your team’s work.

• Productivity management
- Track next steps within the same shared meeting invite with due dates and defined ownership.
- Digital/ Paper-less contact sharing (card scanning to v-card saving)

• Searchable
- Navigate easily using search keywords for quick results.

• Templates
- Set-Up “No-Meeting” day and notify your network
- Set-Up personal reminders in just one click

• Personal CRM
- Connect with people, add self-notes, understand the ‘Forte’ of your connections and their “objective” to meet people.
- Keep a tab on “User Activity History” - interactions did, personal notes for a user and any tasks.
- Filter your connections by adding personalized tags.