EduDo app

a platform with asynchronous video discussions

Published on: December 30, 2021 | Location: USA | Tags: Tech; Education
EduDo app - a platform with asynchronous video discussions.
It’s natural that people want to speak with people, not just a text on the screen or audio in their headphones. Why?
Because video format helps us build the sense of social presence leading to trust and much richer discussions.
That’s why we're opening a place where people are discussing things in a video format. This is EduDo 2.0 - a video-based discussions platform.
- Trigger discussions and launch insightful threads
There are 13 key categories - from IT & Software to Mind Space- to discuss stuff that matters with REAL people who have REAL experience.
- Get immediate valid feedback!
Here’s a synergic community where people have pro-supportive and meaningful discussions aimed to enlighten, inspire and promote the power of intelligence.
- Build Karma!
Share valuable insights and opinions, get upvotes and build your credibility through karma to reach Artificial Intelligence level!
Influence and shape discussion environment!
Set the trends, shape the route of your followers, and lead them to the enlightenment path!

We anticipate your feedback! Stay in the loop!