tech media startup pioneering representation in stock media

Published on: January 10, 2022 | Location: United States | Tags: e-commerce
Despite the vastness of the Internet, finding socially-diverse stock media often turns into hours of Googling. blixel is on a mission to address this problem head-on. blixel is an online marketplace for socially-diverse stock media powered by a global community of creators from underrepresented groups- creators of color, creators with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ creators. The blixel marketplace features images, videos and illustrations that reflect diverse communities- from a video of a Black woman riding a horse to a picture of a non-binary Asian person eating in a restaurant. blixel was founded on the core belief that we all deserve to see ourselves in media. People are diverse and we aim to reflect that- in all their richness and beauty.

blixel aims to provide a platform and a voice for its creators. Each creator’s content is featured on their personalized store on the marketplace and their content's copyright is protected through blockchain technology. In partnership with the creator community, we are using media, technology, and innovative ideas to make those that are unseen, seen. Like the blixel marketplace, our podcast and blog is powered and curated by creators in the blixel community and aim to advance conversations on representation in media. blixel Creators are driven by their desire to reflect the world around them- in all its beauty, richness and diversity. Together, we can change the world through diversity and representation in media- one image, illustration, and video at a time.