Vibemap is a city discovery app that connects you with meaningful places, experiences, and people that match your vibe.

Published on: January 12, 2022 | Location: United States | Tags: Travel & Leisure
Vibemap connects you to meaningful places, people, and experiences that match your unique vibe. Discover local travel activities, including things to do, events, and where to stay.

Use Vibemap to find places to go, and things to do, based on vibe, activity, time of day and location. Whether your lifestyle is adventurous, social, quiet, family, foodie, free, chill, new, lively, or luxury, sightseeing you'll find places near by that fit your vibe and interests.

• Discover engaging local places, people, and experiences in your city
• Filter the map of point of interests and list of activities by your vibe
• Explore walking maps and city guides of local events & places
• Find engaging social gathering and places to make friends
• Share the vibes of places and leave tips for others
• Read travel guides, maps, and stories about cool things happening near you
• Vibe check with your mood and get suggestions for what to do or where to go in the moment
• Customize, manage and keep track of your vibes while unlocking rewards for exploring the city.
• Smart recommendations, tips, and ideas for activities to do near you.
• Essential culture guides and stories that provide a real, authentic city guide
• Easily plan your next vacation destination, getaway trip, or night out with friends
• Pin or save places to the map around you; check in and keep track of places you visit

Explore things to do and events in these cities:
• Vancouver, British Columbia
• Seattle, Washington
• Portland, Oregon
• Oakland & San Francisco Bay Area, California
• Los Angeles, California
• Guadalajara, Mexico

And coming soon:
• Austin & Houston, Texas
• Chicago, Illinois
• Mexico City & Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
• New York, New York

We believe that in-person, social relationships are crucial to our well-being. What if we told you that vibes can lead to unexpected sources of connection? We each have an emotional life whose energy changes. We constantly navigate this changing energy or what we call personal “vibes.” We all have vibes. As do cities, places, and events. Our mission is to help bring people together in new ways and experience the magic of showing up in real life.

Powered by civic data and tools, Vibemap connects you with where you want to be based on your vibe. We pull in event tickets, tours, reservations and city passes from apps including Ticketmaster, Get Your Guide, Goldstar, Tickets, Bands in Town, and many other city guides and venue event calendars. Filter by music, comedy, food, film & books, kids & family, outdoors, tours & attractions, nightlife, etc. We use vibes as a way to make finding things to do less daunting and more tailored to you, so you can create real-life relationships and achieve personal growth.

Just as the essence of a city moves and flows and changes, you are dynamic. And no matter how you’re vibing at that moment, through Vibemap, you now have a space in which to find others on this shared journey.