Find customers on Twitter with FirstX - the only Twitter outreach + CRM tool that allows you to find Twitter users, add them to lists, and group messages with ease.

Published on: June 5, 2022 | Location: California, CA, USA | Tags: SaaS
FirstX eliminates the hassle of manual Twitter outreach and helps your Twitter inbox make sense with better tagging and grouping.

No more tracking with multiple spreadsheets, opening multiple windows to check each person’s tweets, and sorting through different profiles for follow-up.

With FirstX, you can:
- Add to list in one-click
- Add by Twitter URL
- Add by Twitter username
- Find Twitter users by hashtag and keywords
- Detect duplicate entries
- Automated tagging for grouping messages by status
- Add custom tags to group prospects with more detail
- Save private notes
- View bio and latest tweets while prospecting