Where your video messages get organized.

Published on: September 10, 2022 | Location: Remote team | Tags: SaaS
Record you and your screen to clarify your points, get video files organized visually as a mind map or calendar, and send them with an instantly shareable link to boost your communication and workflow. Never get yourself, teammates, or clients lost in cluttered video messages.

What you can do with Gemoo?
- Record your screen, camera, and microphone to express ideas. Add clarity with abundant annotations, and link to as many extra materials as you need in any portion of the video.
- Get your video files organized in a more visualized structure, like mind map, calendar, or any layout that best fits your case.
- Apart from capturing with Gemoo, you can also upload videos, or embed recordings from any other platform. Then, have them organized freely in one place.
- Share your organized videos with one single link. You can clearly know and manage who gets access to them. Also, you can password-protect sensitive files.