S10.AI Robot Medical Scribe

Robot Medical Scribe Clip-on For Any EHR

Published on: November 7, 2022 | Location: United States | Tags: Healthcare
S10.AI’s, S10 Robot Medical Scribe Clip for any EHR is a fully autonomous, AI-enabled medical scribe with superior CDI scribing skills that reduce the burden of clinical documentation. It works with any kind of EHR and offers instant documentation. It is based on the patent-pending Intelligent Physician Knowledge Orchestrator and requires no human interaction. S10.AI will reduce the documentation burden and free your time to see more patients.

S10.AI is distinctive due to

Its speech-to-text accuracy rate is 99%
The instant documentation that happens within five minutes
The robot scribe service is available 24/7 for online and offline consultation
Its Autopilot EHR data entry without integration
100% HIPAA compliant to ensure the highest level of security for the practice

By using S10.AI, you not only increase your income but also decrease the amount of money you spend on other scribing options.