Feed Central

Feed Central has become Australia’s largest online feed platform and developer of the only nationally recognized system for hay quality assessment.

Published on: November 16, 2022 | Location: Charlton QLD, Australia | Tags: Agriculture
Feed Central is Australia’s largest buying and selling platform for hay. We’ve invested years developing our Quality Assurance and Inspection system that is now recognised Australia-wide. With over 20 years of working within the agricultural industry, Feed Central offers an online system backed by quality assurance and real people, whether you’re buying, selling or testing hay – Feed Central is here to help.

Feed Central’s online buying and selling platform is Australia’s largest hay and grain marketing opportunity for farmers. Offering the largest selection of products nationally, Feed Central offers personal service and expert advice to both buyers and sellers in a secure and standardised trading structure. Whether it’s testing products, meeting end users, helping them get the best product for their animals, or even giving advice on how to get their animals to eat the right product, Feed Central’s passion for the farming industry is clearly reflected in its approach to customer service.