Ajelix AI Excel Assistant

AI Excel Assistant helps users generate Excel and Google Sheets formulas, translate Excel spreadsheets into 28 languages, write scripts, save formulas and share with others.

Published on: January 9, 2023 | Location: Latvia | Tags: AI
Ajelix AI Excel Assistant
With AI Excel Assistant, you can generate Excel and Google Sheets formulas, translate spreadsheets into 28 languages, save formulas, and share them with colleagues - all in one place.

Our features include:
- Generating formulas from plain text instructions.
- Explaining formulas to help you understand them better.
- Translating Excel spreadsheets into 28 languages with Excel add-in.
- Saving formulas for future use and sharing them with colleagues.
- Generating Excel VBA and Google Apps Scripts for your convenience.

Using our AI Excel Assistant, you can make your Excel operations smoother and faster, and improve productivity by up to 50%. Get instant support without spending time searching for information on the internet. Explore the benefits of our user-friendly dashboard and Excel add-in.